Quality points and ratings

What is the Werk Quality Rating?

The Quality Chefs in a pedigree contribute quality points (QP) in exactly the same way as Roman chefs-de-race contribute dosage points (DP) -- 16 points if a chef appears in the first generation of a pedigree; eight points if appearing in the second generation; four points if appearing in the third generation; and two point if appearing in the fourth generation.

The maximum number of points possible for any thorougbred 64 and the minimum number is zero. It is extremely rare to find a pedigree with either of these extremes. This chart gives a breakdown of how the Quality Rating is determined.

Total Points Quality Rating
0 Q0
1 to 4 Q1
5 to 9 Q2
10 to 14 Q3
15 to 19 Q4
20 to 24 Q5
25 to 29 Q6
30 to 39 Q7
40 to 44 Q8
45 to 54 Q9
55 + Q10


On a weekly basis, we track stakes winners worldwide and evaluate their pedigrees from a variety of perspectives. Year in and year out and almost without fail, we find that ungraded SWs on average have more total dosage points than the general population; that graded SWs more than ungraded SWs; that G2 winners more than G3 winners; and that G1 winners more than G2 winners.

Level of Achievement Total Points Quality Rating
Grade 1 SWs 37.5 Q7
Grade 2 SWs 35.9 Q7
Grade 3 SWs 34.8 Q7
Ungraded SWs 30.4 Q7
Commercial Sample 26.5 Q6


How much weight should I place on Total Points and the Quality Rating?

With regard to mating decisions, it can be useful as a tie-breaker if your final decision is between to two or three stallions, but NOT as a factor to eliminate stallions initially.

Also, don't forget that the maximum number of points a stallion can contribute is 40 (extremely rare) and a mare 24. So, if all of your potential matings yield low points and a low quality rating, it is likely that your mare is making a small contribution.

With regards to purchases (weanlings, yearlings, 2yos in-training, and breeding stock), we believe the Quality Points and Rating have some utility as an identifier of class. But again, we do not recommend you use these as a way to eliminate your potential purchases, but rather as one more positive factor for those horses who meet your other criteria.

Remember, Roman dosage and our Quality chefs, points, and ratings, are not without flaws. Both are subjective and both are always going to be the victim of reverse engineering.