Tips on Using eNicks


Do not click your browser's "back" button when using eNicks. If you are finished or if you make a mistake, just click "Get an eNick" on the left panel. If you do click "back," occasionally system errors will occur. Your computer may freeze or a pedigree won't load. In such cases, it is best to exit out of www.enicks.com and log-in again.


If a particular mare's pedigree is not in our data base, you have the facility to enter it yourself. The pedigrees you enter become unique to your account. WTC can not access your account and correct mistakes you might make in pedigrees. Once you enter a pedigree incorrectly and saved, that pedigree will remain in your account. If a particular mare's pedigree is subsequently entered by WTC, then both pedigrees will display when accessing eNicks through your account.

Be careful when entering a stallion's name. If you enter a stallion's name and the program does not find it, double check the spelling, especially if it is an obvious stallion (IE Conquistador Cielo).

If you do not have a complete five generation pedigree on a particular mare you want to enter, we will be happy to provide you with the information by calling (510) 490-1111 or emailing the request to wtc@werkhorse.com

Please remember, WTC's nick ratings do not work for Quarter Horses or Standardbreds. You will enter the pedigree and get a response of NF (Not Found).


The Werk Nick Rating with 5-cross pedigrees you create are stored for seven day in your account history. By clicking on the "My Account" button on the left panel of the web page, you can access all them you've created over the past seven days.

Many regular users create a folder on their desktop and save their Werk Nick Rating/5-cross pedigrees on their computer.


It is not necessary to add country identification codes, such as Bold Lad (IRE), or II or 2nd, such as Nijinsky II, in order to find the correct horse. In ALL cases it is best to enter JUST the name of the horse, without anything after it. Here are some examples:

Cougar 2nd and Nijinsky II would be entered as Cougar and Nijinsky, respectively.

El Prado (IRE) and Hat Trick (JPN) would be entered as El Prado and Hat Trick, respectively.