About Best of Sale

What is Best of Sale?

Selecting yearlings that excel on the racetrack takes expert analysis of pedigree and conformation as well as luck. Jack Werk's Best of Sale recommendations offers buyers a unique, proven method of identifying these future superstars based on a variety of pedigree factors.

Our approach to evaluating auction entries draws on the successful breeding patterns of the winners that we have identified by analyzing the pedigrees of the winners of unrestricted stakes races run since 1977. We look for the compatibility of mates as reflected in part by the Werk Nick Rating®, the quality of mates based on the performance of sires, broodmare sires, and female families, the aptitudinal balance of matings as suggested by the contributions of specific ancestors, and successful patterns of inbreeding.

While some of these may be obvious choices, many of them are not obvious and may be overlooked by potential buyers.

Best of Sale Recommendations

Each hip number that is selected as a Best of Sale recommendation is given a Star Rating, from 5 Stars being the highest rating down to 1 Star being the minimum qualifier. Best of Sale is an overall pedigree rating and takes into account all pedigree-related indicators, including the Werk Nick Rating, Werk Quality Rating, favorable and unfavorable inbreeding, strength of the female family, evaluation of a stallions stats and/or potential, sex biases, etc. Frequently, our selections are 'A' or better nicks, but we also select entries that are 'B' and 'C' nicks occasionally that correspond with some very favorable breeding pattern that swings the balance in their favor. Only our Best of Sale recommendations get a Star Rating, so even a one-star selection merits a look. Using Best of Sale in conjunction with physical inspection of the horses can dramatically improve your chances of selecting a potential runner.

What You Get

Each Best of Sale recommendation includes a five-generation pedigree along with the Dosage and Dosage Quality Rating, Werk Nick Rating®, five generation inbreeding, the overall Star Rating, and a statistical page for each recommendation that includes average winning distances of his progeny, stakes winners breakdown by sex, and much more. Priority Plus members also receive a catalog-size booklet that includes the nick ratings of ALL yearlings in the sale, as well as the BOS ratings.

Past Best of Sale Success

Our method for evaluating the pedigrees of auction horses and planning matings has proven very successful for our clients. From the foals born since 1990, our matings and Best of Sale recommendations have resulted in over 32,600 winners, 2,975 stakes winners, and 220 G1 winners! Check out our Best of Sale Hall of Fame and recent Best of Sale Stars on our Success Story pages!

For more information or to order

Please call Werk Thoroughbred Consultants at (510) 490-1111.  You can also purchase Best of Sale through the Web, by using our Auction eNicks system at eNicks.com.