About WTC


Werk Thoroughbred Consultants, Inc. was founded by Jack Werk in 1987. The company specializes in pedigree research and analysis, providing information products and services to breeders and owners at all levels of participation in the thoroughbred racing and breeding business. WTC advises clients as to broodmare matings, mare selection and promotion of stallions, and racing and breeding stock purchases.

WTC is probably best known for its Werk Nick Rating®, which is incorporated into many of the company's products and services, and for providing clients with comprehensive information on which to make racing and breeding decisions.

Over the past twenty years, WTC has become the most widely recognized and successful pedigree research firm in the world. Promotions include regular advertising in most Thoroughbred publications in the United States, as well as well as many international publications. WTC also has a large presence on the internet through its websites www.werkhorse.com and www.enicks.com. WTC president Sid Fernando attends many of the largest Thoroughbred auctions, where he is available to clients for personal consultation.

Because pedigree analysis is our full-time business, we keep track of stallion performance worldwide. We also maintain proprietary databases centered on the evaluative uses of the ancestries and stakes records of all unrestricted stakes winners and the winners of blacktype-qualifying foreign stakes worldwide. The WTC team has the technology and expertise needed to transform this information into products and services oriented toward improving the probabilities of success for our clients in breeding as well as purchasing the best racing and breeding prospects possible.

We also use our information resources to conduct research projects that contribute to our knowledge about what it takes to breed good racehorses. Besides incorporating the results of our research into products and services, we share some of the information publicly by way of our website and through Sid Fernando's blog “Who’s Hot, Who’s Not” and Roger Lyons's blog "Pedigree Matters." In addition, Sid Fernando's personal pedigree blog, the widely acclaimed "Sid Fernando+Observations," is a valuable source of international pedigree information.

WTC products and services have been used by a broad spectrum of clients over the years, from breeders with one or two mares to major commercial operations, from owners with limited resources looking for that diamond in the rough in January to boutique shoppers in the summer sales.

Of course, no matter at what level the game is played, the goal is the same: the winners circle. With our wide array of offerings, WTC provides valuable information and insight to complement any breeding and racing program--information and insight that is simply not available anywhere else.