About Auction eNicks

Using WTC's eNicks system, you can get a Werk Nick Rating® displayed on WTC's signature 5-generation pedigree for auction entries (including FREE Best of Sale ratings) or any prospective mating. The system enables easy entry of sires and dams not already included in WTC's pedigrees database (access to new entries exclusive to the client who entered them). Pedigrees, including the Werk Nick Rating® for the cross, can be displayed, printed, and saved in PDF file format.

You can purchase eNicks by secure credit card payment, or you can call us to open an account. If you open an account on line, you can pay as you go or purchase a quantity of eNicks in advance so that, after you retrieve an eNick, it is automatically deducted from the quantity left in your account

Also, the system offers FREE eNicks for many stallions enrolled in WTC's Software for Stallions™ program. If you order an eNick for any of these stallions with any mare, you will not be charged, and it will not be deducted from eNicks left in your account.