A simple nick

4 thoughts on “A simple nick”

  1. Sid,

    This is one of the most stirring observations of nicking in action that’s possible. Brown Berry was not a slam dunk as a broodmare, either. The link with Ribot was her lifeline to lasting fame.


  2. This is kind of off-topic, but do you think that with all the foriegn mares that Dehere has been bred to, that his potential as a broodmare sire has been damaged?
    (I’m a fan of his and I read an article stating that his potential may never be fully realized because he hasn’t been given the best U.S. broodmares.)


  3. Well, Jameel, a stallion is usually given the mares that he deserves. When Dehere went to stud, he was given plenty of top-quality mates. As he’s headed down the stud fee range, the mates have matched. The mares he’s been bred to outside the US will probably help spread his influence there, because he if he’s to live on it will most probably be through his daughters instead of his sons.

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