Fipke’s Awesome Idea has Star Potential!

6 thoughts on “Fipke’s Awesome Idea has Star Potential!”

  1. It helps to have a good advisor and a top trainer in Europe. 🙂 Congratulations to all concerned!

  2. Wow Jack, remind me when I am feeling down that I can always pop in over here and experience someone else’s happiness and success! Congratulations to Mr. Fipke and yourself.

    Will we get to see a list of the mares in his first book anytime soon? I read that by standing him with the Aga Khan both Coolmore and Godolphin/Darley, ect. will get equal opportunities to send there mares. That sounds good to me.

  3. Jack,

    This is a fascinating story that shows all of us that the road to the jackpot sometimes has a cul de sac … or two.

    Best of luck to you and Chuck!


  4. I race horses at Woodbine and Fipke is an asset to racing! He spends money on his passion! I would love to see this mare bred to UNBRIDLED”S SONG!!!!!!!!!
    What a machine that would be!
    TY Brad

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